Malawi Fisheries Repository Policy

1. Introduction

The Malawi Fisheries Repository is a digital service that collects, preserves, and distributes digital material generated primarily about fisheries and aquaculture. This repository is meant to increase the use of science, analysis, and information for decision-making, research and education. It is an online freely accessible tool and database for anyone seeking fisheries related information including other materials that may be difficult to access, for example, so-called grey literature which may not have been fully accredited for international journal publication but nevertheless is very informative for the advancement of fisheries and aquaculture. The repository contains over 1,700 entries of bibliographic citations, article abstracts, links to article and book locations, and downloaded scientific papers and journal articles. The intention is for the repository to grow with opportunities for users to upload their own articles through a moderated process. The digital repository is sponsored by the Fisheries Integration of Society and Habitats Project (FISH) which is funded with the generous support of the American people through USAID and implemented by Pact from 2015-2019. There are further plans to link the repository more widely to the region and if possible, to continental and global web-based databases. The University of Rhode Island (URI) and The Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (LUANAR) are core to the creation and management of this digital repository. During 2019, LUANAR became responsible for the sole management and operations of the repository.

Powered by DSpace, the aim of the repository is to improve dissemination and visibility of a variety of scholarly materials throughout the academic communities and general public and to provide a free and persistent point of access. The repository provides a robust platform for saving, discovering and sharing, free of charge, the instructional, research, historic, and creative materials by Malawians or on Malawi.

The open access repository specifically:

2. Content of the repository

The repository is restricted to:

3. Submission of items

4. Preservation and withdrawal of items

5. Metadata

6. Full-text and other full data items

7. Policy Review

LUANAR in consultation with relevant stakeholders shall review and amend these provisions every two years. Such amendments shall be communicated in relevant notices with instructions and shared via the repository.

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